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Live Your Story

After the New Year, I wrote about promises. To ourselves and others. This month I focus on the promise of purpose.

Our lives tell a story. Sometimes it resembles a Greek tragedy, other times a lighthearted comedy. There might be bits of action, romance, suspense, a touch of the supernatural, or even sci-fi mixed in. And much like an entertaining tale, there are:

  • ROLES – the parts we play from childhood through adulthood
  • SCENES – the different life phases spanning birth to death
  • CHARACTERS – the people we interact with along the way
  • SETTINGS – the backdrop of where we live out the years
  • PLOT – the moments, milestones, celebrations, memories, challenges, heartaches, and losses

As we go, we often find ourselves so busy and caught up in the story that we are unable to do anything other than wait and see where situations and events lead us. We forget that every day represents a new adventure, another chance to choose what will happen next.

We are the creator. We hold the power to change everything.

Without realizing it, we constantly edit our story in an attempt to rewrite the past and manipulate the future. Yet as we step into each part, move through every phase, interact with those around us, adapt to our surroundings, and provide a performance, we often fail to do so with any true intent.

We need to remember to dream big, set goals, make plans, be open to change, pause to reflect, follow our heart, relax, and breathe.

Living a life of purpose is not easy. There will be many times when we must release control, go with the flow, and accept what is happening around us. View those bumps and bruises as simple plot twists put there as opportunities for personal insight and growth.

The overall journey, however, is filled with so much possibility that without some concentrated effort, we may never get to where we hope to be. Look closely at your own story…

What is the main character doing? The majority of your actions should be meaningful.

What is the purpose of every part, scene, setting, and supporting character? They should move you closer to whatever you envision.

What is the desired plot outcome of this one life? Go after your happy ending.

Whether you find yourself in the middle of a current chapter or beginning a new one, what comes next is up to you. Make it memorable. Make it matter.

Live your story.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash