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If you are a follower of Inspired ME, Joyful BE, I thank you! My hope is you found some inspiration and joy and that you will continue to share in my journey.

This project is still in its infancy (according to website standards) and I will say, it is one of the most difficult and rewarding things I have undertaken as a writer. It has cemented old relationships, created new ones, and revealed sides of myself I never knew existed. In short, it has proven what I have always known and appreciated: we are always learning, ever-changing, and quite amazing.

To celebrate the half-year mark, I organized to-date posts into an eBook. And for TODAY ONLY, it is FREE to download at Amazon!

LOVE EVERYTHING is a compilation of blog posts from the Inspired ME, Joyful BE website. PART ONE involves self-reflection, looking within, and digging deep. By learning about ourselves and ultimately accepting the reality of what we find, we cannot help but become inspired. PART TWO encourages a positive outlook, living in the moment, and being perfectly imperfect. Immense joy can come from letting go of the negative and embracing the trials along with the blessings.

Start at the beginning and read through the entire book or search the contents for a topic or post title that appeals to you. Discover what inspires and brings joy. Then do more of it. Love everything.


No Kindle? No problem. Read any title via the FREE Kindle Reading App at Amazon!

Offer expires end of day 7.12.17.

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~Inspired ME, Joyful BE

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