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3 Ways To Love The Way You Live Life

When we graduate, move away from home, earn a college degree, find a better job, fall in love, get married, buy a bigger house, have children, lose weight, make more money, have more freedom, retire…

The list of “whens” – those major life changes, milestones, and times when we believe everything will fall neatly into place – is endless. The hard truth is this: there will be times when all seems right with the world and it will feel glorious, but those times will be few. More often than not, the days will pass by with overwhelming speed as we attempt to keep up with the demands of school, work, family, relationships, and basic daily needs.

Stop wishing your life away…

1. BE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT – – Everyone wants to be better at something. Striving to improve an aspect of who we are is not only important but strongly encouraged. Whether it be relationships, career, education, health, parenting, sports, home, a hobby or more, self-improvement can be a rewarding source of pride and a path toward happiness.

The problem arises when we begin to obsess over the process, base our worth upon its success, or expect the result to fill some other void. If you want to change something about yourself, do it. Just be sure to love who and where you are now – because you are already pretty amazing.

2. LIVE IN THE MOMENT – – With all of life’s demands pulling us in different directions, this can be difficult to manage. It is not impossible, however. One thing that has helped me is meditation. I am a chronic over-thinker and mind-wanderer but after some persistent attempts, I have finally managed to find a method that works.

Meditation is just one way to learn focus. Anything that encourages quiet or pushes away the outside noise can be beneficial. The key is to find a reliable method to draw upon so the little things – those seemingly insignificant things – can be appreciated for the magical moments they are.

3. CELEBRATE THE EVERYDAY – – Don’t like your picture taken? Take one anyway and share it with the people who love you. Have dishes stashed away in the cupboard for formal occasions? Use them tonight even if you are only serving takeout. Never-worn, pretty outfit hanging in the back of your closet? Wear it!

There are so many reasons to celebrate today. Some may seem obvious, some not so much. The best part is that it does not need to be a grand event, even the simplest, most ridiculous thing can be appreciated. Look for yours. It’s there, just waiting to help make the everyday special.

Quit thinking things will be better “if only.” Open your eyes. Take a good look. Do you see what I see? It is the best part of living, happening right here and right now. Whether you like the reality of your present situation or not, this moment is irreplaceable.

Love. Life. Live.

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