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Breaking Away

Spring has arrived! The season of rain showers, baseball, egg hunts, birdsong, flowers, and promise. And yet despite it all, I am ready for a break. Spring break, that is.

Our little part of the world takes a late school break so when it finally arrives, my family is in desperate need of rest and relaxation. Sometimes we coordinate a big trip and venture across country but the past few years, we have retreated to our happy place – a city where we lived for a couple of years, one nestled among soothing mountains and fresh air.

When my husband and I moved there, it was opposite from what we knew with a differing landscape and culture. But we fell in love with the area, so much that even after we moved away, we began to call it home. Perhaps one reason? Our son was born there and though he has been raised elsewhere for much of his young life, he has come to appreciate his birthplace as much as we do.

And so we are breaking away from it all and escaping to our home away from home. It is familiar enough that we can forego strict itineraries and explore on a whim. Hikes, tours, restaurants, scenic drives, attractions. We have been there and done most but enjoy it so much we do not mind doing it again. The area is constantly growing and changing, and there is always something new to see and do. It never disappoints.

My family will revisit and renew and recharge. And when we return to the daily grind, hopefully we will look back and remember … it is possible to break away from it all.

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