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Replace The To Do With I Did


This week was going great until Tuesday night. Well, maybe not great but relatively good.

In trying to juggle my multiple writing tasks, I am in desperate need of a more structured schedule. And this was THE week. I was motivated to get organized with book outlines, blogging, family needs, and big house projects. I was committed to my TO DO lists. I was planning and prioritizing and letting go of perfection and then it happened …


Late Tuesday evening my son was injured in basketball practice. Not a sprain or broken bone but a fall flat on his face, bloody nose, split swollen lip, broken front tooth in half and root exposed kind of injury. My husband and I dropped what we were doing and ran over to where my son and his coach waited. As I went to hug my boy, I saw the destruction to his sweet, handsome face but perhaps more importantly, I detected the fear hidden behind tear-stained eyes.

The TO DO list I stringently toiled over just minutes before no longer mattered. I did not care about spring landscaping or my new book idea or the baseball equipment I needed to buy. Too much to do was immediately scratched off and replaced with one solitary thing: the well-being of my child.

A fellow basketball parent (who just so happens to be an endodontist) was gracious enough to perform emergency treatment. At a time when I am usually ready for bed, I sat in a shadowy medical office learning all about pulpotomies while watching my son handle it like the champ I know he is. As he leaned back in the exam chair with bright light circling his bruised mouth and blood spattering his shirt, I became hyper-focused in the moment.

I awoke this morning with a different to-do list and a desperate need to get my son smiling again. I have no idea how long that will take. It may entail a lot more treatment and pain and medication and soft food and mom snuggles. But I am ready.

My other TO DO list has been forgotten. I have put all other things on hold in order to focus on one: my I DID IT list.

Because once we get through this parenting challenge and look back, I will see that I DID whatever I could to help my son. I DID drop everything and focus on what matters. I DID show him the love and patience and compassion and help a child needs when they are hurting so much. I DID take time to research and ensure the best recovery path. I DID reduce stress and the overwhelming aspect of it all by eliminating distractions. I DID IT and my family came out better and stronger.

I like the idea of an I DID IT list so much I am instilling it in my planning sessions. This weekend while I map out my schedule for the following week, I will also reflect on the previous week and acknowledge the atta-girl, way to go accomplishments.

No matter how big, no matter how small, I want to be able to say I DID IT.


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~Inspired ME, Joyful BE

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