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3 Ways To De-clutter Your Mind


There are countless tips and tricks to rid the excess stuff from your home, but have you ever considered a purge of your thoughts? Here are three ways to de-clutter your mind and make space for what truly matters.

  1. I COULD HAVE – Release the belief that you have power over every aspect of your life or the lives of others. When something goes wrong or hurts someone we love, it is natural to question our role, as if our actions or words might somehow protect from harm and prevent any bad from happening. Let go of the guilt. Realize there are simply some things you cannot do, people you will never change, and that you are more than enough.
  2. I SHOULD HAVE – Erase the old and negative worry replaying constantly in your head. We are human. We all make mistakes, suffer judgments in error, and feel the course of our lives would be different if we had just done that one thing. Regret is normal and yes, there will be times in your life when one choice or decision will alter the trajectory of subsequent events. But you cannot undo what has been. You can only focus on what might be. Look ahead while learning from the past. Live a life free from regret.
  3. I WOULD HAVE – Let go of trying to convince yourself that if there had just been more of something [time, money, energy, beauty, attention, patience, love, etc.] the status of your life would have turned out better. Look, I mean really look, at what is around you. Home. Family. Friends. Job. See beyond the surface. Gaze within and find gratitude for where you currently are in this world. If you seek to improve an area, by all means do it. But do not forget the best moment of your life is NOW. Do not wish it away.

Replacing a full mind with mindfulness is not easy. It will take time. Be patient but consistent. No more second-guessing. Shed the negative weight of regret, lighten your heart, and realize just how amazing you already are.


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~Inspired ME, Joyful BE

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